One week sailing trip in the northern Ionian islands



Corfu and Paxoi islands are famous as some of the most attractive sailing destinations in Greece, maybe in whole Mediterranean Sea.

We suggest a sailing route among these islands and the western coast of Greece. Preveza and Parga ports preserve strong traditional elegance, Syvota islets are also magnificent sailing destinations. Holidays in Ionian Sea offer absolute experiences, when you are relaxing on your sailing yacht, in nature-rich bays with turquoise waters.

Sailing conditions are easy in the area of the route, because most of the times wind force does  not exceed 3-4 beauforts (up to 20 knots), only for few hours in the afternoon. However, it takes to be a good captain to manage comfortably in the small ports in the area. Yachts are chartered from Gouvia marina in Corfu island.

Click on the image to view the chart of the route and read below more information about magic destinations and sailing conditions.




Day 1: Gouvia marina, Corfu island - port of Syvota (21 nm)

Start your sailing trip at 5 pm on Saturday. There is enough time in the day to have a walk in the historic and so beautiful town of Corfu. After that, fill your boat with required supplies and start your trip southeast to the port of Syvota. There, at the west seaside of mainland Greece, lies a cute town, surrounded by beautiful, tall trees. If you arrive too late for a berth in port, do not worry, the islets nearby will offer safe shelter for the night, provided that weather conditions allow.


Day 2: Gaios port, Paxos island (13 nm)

After a relaxed morning, swim and brunch, start your trip to the main port of Paxos island, Gaios. The spectacle of nature is amazing, as the little isle Panagia, is protecting the bay of Gaios, creating a safe shelter to most winds. As there are green trees everywhere, you berth the yacht in one of the most beautiful places ever visited. The food is good in most of the restaurants by the port, and there is a cosmopolitan atmosphere, although not loud or disturbing.

Before arrive to Gaios, you make have a quick stop for swimming in Laggos bay, few miles northern than the port. It is another amazing place to enjoy swimming and the beautiful nature.


Day 3: Port of Preveza (29 nm)

On the next day start your trip early, since there are 29 miles to Preveza port, so that might take you 4-6 hours, depending on yacht speed. Have a short stop in Antipaxoi, gifted with amazing bays with turquoise waters at its eastern side. After you arrive in Preveza, take a walk by the port and the small alleys. It is a beautiful small town.


Day 4: Port of Parga (25 nm)

On the fourth day, it's time to head north again. We suggest the port of Parga as your next destination, 25 miles north, by the coastline. If there is time for a swim, visit the beautiful bay of Agia Kiriaki, at the east of Parga. Remember to arrive early in Parga to ensure a convenient berth. For Greek mythology fans, the sacred Acheron river flows to the sea few miles southern than Parga. This is supposedly the entrance of the Underworld, where Odysseys is supposed to have met his foregone companions, during his return Home.  


Day 5: Bay of Lakka, Paxos island (14 nm)

Back to beautiful Paxos island, for one of its nicest spots, the bay of Lakka at north. Enjoy swimming, incredible nature and good quality sea food in the tavernas at the port.


Day 6: Syvota islets (11 nm)

Visit beautiful Syvota islets by the coastline, and enjoy a romantic night on board, under the star light. These are the moments you will remember the long days after the trip...


Day 7: Return to Corfu island

The next day, Friday, take the return to Corfu island and the marina in Gouvia. Enjoy your last night on the sailing boat at the old town of Corfu, enjoying the incredible atmosphere of the town. The next day at 9 am, disembark the yacht and keep best memories from this wonderful experience.



Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.


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