One week sailing around the Dodecanese islands


Explore Dodecanese islands on a sailing yacht for one week!

Sail in the eastern Aegean.


 Charter a yacht from Rhodes island and explore within a week, the small islets hidden around like an unspoiled paradise. Dodecanese islands are famous for their traditional side and numerous bays, creating beautiful sailing destinations.


Sailing conditions are of medium difficulty. The winds get stronger during main summer months, July and August, but are considerably milder than in main Aegean Sea. The formation of islands and the nearby Asia coastline offer natural protection to the sea area and when winds get stronger, there is always another island nearby to offer reliable coverage. So get ready and enjoy a two week sailing trip around some of the most idyllic islands in Greek Waters. 




Day 1 – Saturday: Rhodes island: Sail from Port to bay of Lindos 

Our embarkation took place on Saturday afternoon from Rhodes port, in Mandraki. After we purchased the necessary supplies of food and drinks from neighboring stores, we sailed by the southeastern coast of Rhodes to the bay of Lindos. Lindos possesses unprecedented beauty and historic monuments since ancient years. It is an ideal place to spend the first night of your sailing trip. The distance from Mandraki to Lindos bay is 24 nautical miles (nm), about 4 hours of sailing.

The Acropolis of Lindos, the castle that is inhabited since ancient years, is an impressive monument, mounted over the impressive coastline of Lindos. The spectacle is amazing.


Day 2 – Sunday: Port of Simi island

After a morning swim, we headed up north by Rhodes and then turned west, toward the port of Simi. It is a beautiful, picturesque port, but very narrow and needs careful manoeuvres to berth safely, without causing any damage. The trip from Lindos is 48 hours so we started early morning from Lindos to arrive early afternoon in Simi port. As the port does not offer many spots to berth, we were lucky to find one of the last spots available; don't expect to find free space if you arrive late in Simi.


Day 3 – Monday: Palloi port, Nisiros island 

The third day we continued west to the port of Palloi in Nisiros island. After 5-6 hours of happy sailing (34 nm) we berthed in the small port. Palloi port is a quiet place with few spots and only some houses around. It is a quiet, relaxing place.

Nisiros island is famous for its volcano, still active on the top of the mountain. You may visit by taxi the area where steams come out of the ground with the smell of sulfur prevailing all over. It's a spooky and unique sensation.


Day 4 – Tuesday: Livadia bay, Tilos island

The next day we sailed south to Tilos island. We moored in the bay of Livadia, at the east side of the island. It is a well protected shelter, and we enjoyed swimming till late evening and then had dinner on board. It was a relaxing evening in a amazing landscape. 


Day 5 - Wednesday: Port of Emporios, Halki island

We left Tilos and sailed toward the historic island of Halki, 15 nm further south. We were amazed by the atmosphere in the port's small town, traditional and quiet.


We enjoyed the sea food in the small restaurants, not too far from the yacht. Nemporio is the only inhabited place on the island, built on the hills surrounding the small port. Note that there are no cars or buses on the island. On the other hand, there are many sandy, golden beaches. More importantly note that supply of electricity and water is problematic on the island and this is the case also for port facilities.


Day 6 – Thursday: Alimia island

The next day we left Emporios and sailed a few miles to the nearby island of Alimia, a quiet, relaxing islet, situated north of Rhodes. We spent the day on a safe mooring, having fun and swimming. 


Day 7 – Friday: Return to Rhodes island

The return trip took place on the last day. We had a long sail of 35 miles by the north coast of Rhodes, sailing toward east. This created beautiful sailing conditions, so we enjoyed the last trip bringing the memories of the week around all magnificent destinations. We berthed at the port by mid day and spent the rest walking around the monuments in Rhodes town. We spent the last night on board and dissembarked early Saturday morning.


Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.


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