Sailing to Mykonos from Lavrion: 7 days Itinerary



Get ready for a sailing trip around the cosmopolitan Cyclades from Lavrion



Get ready to set sail around the cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades. Discover fascinating beaches and secluded paradises on every island included on this proposed itinerary. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and indulge yourself to the hottest spots of extravagant nightlife. The suggested route is designed to let you experience first hand the unforgettable Greek summers. Whether you choose to go bareboat or to hire one of our experienced skippers, we guarantee the most unforgettable vacation.

Cyclades Islands is the most challenging sailing area in the Greek seas. Main factor that defines wind force in summer months is the 'meltemi', the northern wind that blows, from early July to mid August, usually around 5 Beauforts, with gusts that can reach up to 8Bft. The wind blows stronger during mid day, so we advize you to travel early in the morning, in order to avoid the strong wind. Wind direction is purely north, or North West.

Big waves can be also caused by the meltemi. The waves start forming from the North Aegean coast and build up as they travel the long distance to the Cyclades, so they can become pretty tall as they reach these islands, up to 3-4 meters.

Having said that, the proposed itinerary includes islands where the winds are sometimes strong and last long. Those who prefer a smoother and more relaxing sail should avoid July and August. On the other hand, those who enjoy sailing in strong winds, will appreciate the challenge to experience true sailing.




Lavrion - Kea - Syros - Mykonos - Delos/Rinia - Paros - Kythnos - Lavrion 





  Day 1: Lavrion to Kea

Your yacht will be waiting for you at our base in Lavrion, where you will be greeted by our staff. As soon as the check-in is completed you will cast off to the first destination, the island of Kea. You can berth at Korissia port, on the northern part of the island, where you can find many shops and tavernas and enjoy local delicacies. On the other hand, you can head south and anchor on Koundouros bay, which is a good option to avoid northern winds.


  Day 2: Kea to Syros

For the second day you will sail to Syros, the capital of the Cyclades. The cosmopolitan port of Ermoupoli, with the impressive architecture and its historical value is ideal for berthing and visiting monasteries, churches and the old shipyards. Swimming spots can be found around the island, especially on the northern part.




  Day 3: Syros to Mykonos 

Mykonos is the most famous summer destination in Greece. The beautiful beaches, the whitewashed houses, the vibrant nightlife with traditional music and djs from around the world; this island will amaze you. Mykonos is known as the "Island of Winds" and therefore we suggest caution during the months of July and August, when the northern winds are strong.




  Day 4: Around Mykonos - Rinia - Delos

On day 4 you will have the chance to explore more of Mykonos and the surrounding islets. You can visit and swim in the southern beaches of Mykonos, where parties take place every single night, or you can head to Rinia and Delos, the two uninhabited islets. Delos and Rinia offer unspoilt landscape with beautiful beaches. Abundant on both islets you will find archeaological sites and ancient ruins.



  Day 5: Mykonos to Paros

Leaving Mykonos you will head to Paros and the bay of Naoussa. Inside the bay you will find amazing swimming spots, like Kolimbithres and Monastiri. The harbour of Naoussa will fascinate you as you walk next to the fishing trawlers or around the alleys of the town.




  Day 6: Paros to Kythnos

Its time to start heading back north to the island of Kythnos and the Kolona bay. One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the Kolona beach is a prime example of nature's ability to fascinate. A strip of heavenly sand connects a small islet to the mainland and forms a two sided beach of unlimited beauty.





  Day 7: Kythnos to Sounion - Lavrion

Last but not least, your return trip includes one of the most famous spots in Greece, Sounion and the temple of Poseidon. Swim in the beautiful waters of the bay and then visit the archeaological site, which is only a 20 minutes walk from the beach.


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