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This itinerary describes a sailing trip around some of the most important monuments of Ancient Greece.  Sail to Epidavrus ancient town and attend a play in the ancient Epidavrus theatre. From there, sail to Aegina island to visit Afaia temple and then to cape Sounion to visit the Poseidon temple. Once you check-out the sailing yacht, continue your trip to Athens Parthenon, Acropolis museum and famous Delfoi oracle. The sailing trip is easy (no waves and usually calm winds) but the experience is hard to forget. Since the sailing trips are rather sort, visitors can view the monuments in less days and take advantage of their time visiting other areas too.

On the day of arrival in Athens, charter the yacht from Kalamaki marina and travel to nearest destination, bay of Agia Marina, in Aegina island. Distance is approximately 20 nautical miles (nm); the bay is safe with north – east wind, but exposed to south – southwest.

Usually, we prefer the north side of the bay to anchor, keeping a safe distance of 50-70 meters from the small dock, as well as the rocky shore, where the hotels are. Anchoring is easy since there is plenty of space to anchor with depth up to 10 meters and the sea bed is mostly sandy, thus safe. However, always be cautious of the wind change, because of problematic protection to SSW winds. The landscape is beautiful, the surrounding hills have trees, the cost line is mainly rocky with easy access and swimming is enjoyable.


Next day start the trip early to arrive in the port of ancient Epidavrus as soon as possible and find a spot to berth. The trip is around 20 nm toward the south west. Upon arrival be sure to find a way to get to (and also return from) the ancient theatre, of course if watching the play is in your plans (distance by vehicle is about 18km). There is little to say about the experience in Epidavrus ancient theatre; it is famous across the world. 

Built at the end of the fourth century BC (smaller theatre in the sight is dated long before that), it offers a unique experience to those watching a play today. To ensure a ticket make sure you book earlier (visit www.greekfestival.gr near beginning of July to purchase tickets on line, or contact us). Please note that theater play is performed from July to early August, on Friday and Saturday nights (but you can visit the sight any day of the year)sailing to Epidavrus, Ancient Theatre.

If the crew is particularly interested on ancient monuments, next day you can visit the ancient Mycenae castle, dated from 2.000 years BC. With its impressive exterior walls and inside architecture it's really worth visiting but it's only accessible by vehicle (about 60km, one hour drive).


Next sailing destination is the beautiful island of Agkistri and we suggest the south west part of it, where the small isle of Dorrousa is.

The landscape forms one of the nicest shelters for sailing yachts in the wider area. A series of two wide bays is protected from the small isle of Dorrousa at the opposite side. Yacht anchors far from shore but stays close using a line. The sea is deep so use a lot of chain, but it's also particularly transparent.

Pine trees up to the sea level give a green color to the sea, which is usually calm, because the place is well protected from winds.Choose your spot to anchor, according to the wind direction. The small taverna on the coastline. The place is so calm that visitors are tempted to spend more days there and relax in a place of unique beauty.Ancient castle of Mycenae

Trip continues to Aegina main port (around 15 nm). Although small and problematic in "hot season" when crowded, the port is beautiful, traditional, and offers many options for good food. Discover the little tavernas near the main market and you will enjoy sea food and diverse dishes.

An important ancient sightseeing in the island is the temple of Afaia, kept in good condition; the temple is sited in a wonderful position, among pine trees and with great view to the sea. Constructed in the beginning of 5th century BC, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Artemis and various myths are related to its history. 


Next destination is the cape of Sounion, which is located beneath the temple of Poseidon (approximately 35 nm). The bay is big enough for many yachts to anchor in a modest distance from the shore and indeed is a busy destination. It offers good shelter to north winds (but not to southern or eastern winds) and you can enjoy your swim and relaxation right under the spectacular temple of Poseidon.Sailing around monuments: Afaia temple in Aegina If interested you may also visit the temple (five minutes drive from the shore, where you can arrange for a taxi). According to the myth, the ancient king of Athens, Aegeus ended his life in cape Sounion when he saw the boat of his son Theseus returning from Crete with black sails, false sign that his son was dead.


Next day the sailing trip is completed, there has been a complete sailing trip of 7 days in Argosaronicos ancient monuments. But the sightseeing near Athens is still not completed. Spend one or two days in Athens to see the famous Acropolis, the Acropolis and National museums, both with great findings of ancient years. Walk around in traditional areas of Plaka and Thision, where you can visit the area of "Ekklisia of Demos" where citizens convened in the years of ancient democracy. Save a day also to visit the temple of Delfoi, around 3 hours drive from Athens. The most famous oracle of ancient years lays there.


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Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

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