Dodecanese Islands are situated in southeastern Aegean Sea, near the Coast of Minor Asia.  It is composed of big islands, like Rhodes, Kos and Astypalea, and numerous smaller islands or islets, like Patmos, Tilos and many others. With major historic monuments in many islands, isolated and well protected bays, and away from mass tourism evidences (with the exception of the two major islands), Dodecanese present an ever increasing interest to visitors, especially sailing fans.

Sailing Conditions: Wind blows strong in summer months, especially July and August, but not with the intensity of the meltemi in Cyclades islands. Read more about sailing conditions in Dodecanese islands, here.

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Each island composes an ideal sailing destination. Specifically:

Rhodes and Kos are gifted with rich nature and diversified flora. There are plenty wood lands reaching down to the sea level on both islands. There are also plenty of sandy beaches around and well protected bays at the south of Rhodes but all around Kos island. Main marinas of Rhodes lay in the port of Rhodes at north and in the port Lindos, at the eastern coast of the island. Kos main marina lies in town’s port, at the eastern side of the island. The rich history of the islands dates 5 millennia and has been forged by the cultural diversity and naval power of the islands. The cosmopolitan character of both islands with busy night life is another good reason to spend few days there.

Astypalea is a special island, with a rich coastline, cliffs with hills sinking into the sea and a strange, wild natural environment. There is a big number of small bays, especially on the south side, offering ideal anchorage in an area with stronger winds compared to the rest of Dodecanese islands.[divider type="shadow" margin="20px 0 20px 0"]The small islands and islets around the bigger ones also have a lot in common: low human intervention, crystal waters, isolated and plenty of bays offering a lot of safe shelters for sailing yahts. Loipsoi, Leros, Simi, Tilos and others have vivid historic sights since ancient years. In all islands, visitors can find ruins of ancient civilization as well as Vyzantine and Enetic castles, monasteries, etc. Among Dodecanese islands are Kastelorizo, the most eastern piece of land of Greek territory and Patmos, famous in Christian Religion as the place where the Revelation of Saint John was written. Their rocky landscape, safe and picturesque bays, and the ideal towns near the main port of each island, all create a magic sailing destination.

Yacht Rentals. Yachts are available for charter in Kos and Rhodes islands. Usually sailboats are returned to the port of embarkation but we are flexible to satisfy any special request you may have. On the other hand, sailing yachts might be offered at discounted price when it comes to one-way offers, i.e. to arrange a sailing trip from Athens to Dodecanese at the start of summer, or vice versa by the end of summer season. Keep in touch to get informed about one-way offers or subscribe to our newsletter to receive offers at your email address.


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