Sporades islands compose an ideal destination for holidays on a sailing yacht.

The islands lay on northwestern Aegean Sea, close to Gulf of Pelion and share a similar unprecedented beauty: green landscapes surrounded by the deep blue and crystal clear sea. In most bays, the tall trees of the hills get down to the sea level.

The complex of Sporades is composed mainly of three islands: Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, and around 20 more islets. Skyros island, which is located toward the southeast, approximately at the center of Aegean Sea, is also included in Sporades complex. The eastern Skopelos and Alonissos islands are part of the National Marine Park, an area with rare fauna and bio-diversity. 

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Skopelos is the birth place of the rare caretta – caretta sea turtle and Alonissos Island is the home of the biggest population of the Monk seal – Monachus Monachus.

Sailing holidays are ideal in Sporades islands. Calm weather conditions, small distances among islands (7-10 nautical miles from one to another), numerous beautiful bays offering good shelter, all conditions are present for relaxed holidays. For these reasons, the area is upgraded as a sailing center, and Sail in Greek Watershas developed a fleet with yachts of all sizes, to cover any request you may have. Some of the yachts are new deliveries (2013/14) in order to enjoy all new technology features, modern design and the high quality for which we strive for all of our yachts.

In previous years charters were starting mainly from Skiathos island. Later on, the port of Volos was added to the picture, mainly to satisfy the growing needs in the area. Although there is some distance between Volos and Skiathos (some 40-45 nautical miles), the option of Volos is equally satisfactory, since the landscape of Pelion Gulf is as beautiful as the islands themselves.

As mentioned already, weather conditions are mild in Sporades. For some more details please click the link below

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We should also note that the region is suggested for those that prefer quiet holidays, since nightlife is not very vivid in the islands, with the exception of Skiathos island, a very cosmopolitan place with youngsters from all over Europe. Skiathos has the biggest port of the islands, but again it does not suffice to cover the needs to the growing number of sailing yachts.

Sporades nature is very rich, with pine trees across the Islands, offering an ideal relaxation to sailors. At all times respect the Marine Park and the rare species that it hosts, avoiding any activity that causes nature pollution (waste disposal, oil spill, etc.). Moreover, there are few things that one should note when sailing the Sporades islands:

  • Skiathos has a limited number of bays to anchor for the night, all at it's south coast. Lalaria beach at North is a beautiful beach and suggested by many, but it's not protected and thus not suitable to stay over night, even when the wind is out.
  • On the same grounds, Skopelos best side to anchor is it's southwest (facing Skiathos island). Alonissos also has very beautiful bays at it's east side nothern to Patitiri and opposite to Peristera islet.
  • Alonissos main town (chora) up on the mountain is suitable for a romantic walk around traditional houses and offers a spectacular, panoramic view to the Sea, from South, East and West.
  • "Planitis" islet, located at the north of Alonissos, has two magnificent bays, on south and north sides, both worth visiting, but with high caution to the protection of the environment, since this uninhabited islet is the 'heart' on the National Marine Park. Click the link below for more details and suggested routes around Sporades islands.



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