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Cyclades Islands compose one the most famous regions of islands in Greece and probably in the Mediterranean Sea. Situated at the heart of the Aegean Sea, the islands are gifted with a wild landscape and long, sandy beaches, ideal for summer holidays on a sailboat. Live unforgettable sailing trips around the Cyclades islands, but first read our own impressions from sailing this awesome area.

Mykonos, Paros, Ios and of course Santorini are famous for their busy and cosmopolitan nightlife, while the rest of the Cyclades, including the heavenly Small Cyclades are famous for their quiet style of holidays and hidden bays, ideal for sailing holidays.

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Sailing Yachts for Charter

Sailing trips in the Cyclades islands start either from the ports in the major islands or from Athens marinas. The latter offers a wider selection of yachts and more protection from the strong winds of the summer months. Athens marinas are close to the Cyclades, especially Lavrion, only two hours sailing from Kea island


Sail in Greek Waters offer a range of high quality sailing yachts from Mykonos, Santorini and Paros islands and also a wider range of yachts in Athens marinas.

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Weather Conditions

Cyclades islands compose the most challenging sailing area in Greece. The Meltemi blows really strong during summer months, reaching or surpassing 7 Beaufort (25-30 knots) during July and August. If you are interested in relaxing holidays without too much tension, think twice before planning your sailing holidays in the Cyclades islands. Other months, May, June and especially September and October offer more pleasant weather conditions for a carefree sailing cruise.

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Local Culture through the centuries

The Cyclades islands are the birth place of Cycladic civilization, among the first streams of civilization in ancient Greece. In every island there are monuments of ancient culture or an archaeological museum, worth visiting for those interested in sightseeing. Ancient Cycladic art is famous across the world. The statues and artifacts created in the 2ndmillennium BC are considered worldwide legacy and they were the base for the civilization that shines eternally. In many Cyclades islands you can find archeological museums, ancient theaters and remains of ancient settlements. Moreover, traditional Greek folk music, 'Rebetiko' originates from Syros, the capital island of Cyclades, where the first working classes were formed while working in the big shipyards.

For a suggested route around the ancient monuments in Cyclades islands please visit:

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