Ionian Sea Islands lie at the western side of Greece. The area includes seven main islands and numerous islets, few populated and more uninhabited. Corfu, Lefkas, Zante and the mythical Ithaca are the most famous islands of the region and most popular as sailing destinations, but also Kefalonia, Paxoi and the smaller islets have nothing less in terms of beauty in natural landscape. Main characteristics of the Ionian landscape is that the islands are full with trees down to the sea level, as well as the numerous, usually isolated bays around each island. This combination creates ideal destinations for sailing holidays, as yachts anchor in ideal landscapes, and guests may admire the natural beauty that is hard to find in any other place.

Most islands lie close to each other so sailing from one to another takes little time, allowing to move from one bay to the other in little time (usually few hours). Corfu and Paxoi lie farther to the north, but their own, distinctive landscape make visiting those islands a real must.

Because of the popularity of Ionian Sea for sailing holidays, there are many yachts available for chartering. SAIL IN GREEK WATERS represent those sailboats with high quality, able to ensure safe and care free sailing holidays for our clients. View all our yachts in Ionian Sea in the link below

Weather conditions are easy for sailing. Most days winds are relaxed, up to 2-3 beauforts, creating 'easy sailing' conditions, safe anchorage in most bays and relaxed days for swimming and relaxing. Read more about sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea in the link below:

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Main base in Ionian Sea is located in Lefkas island with fewer yachts available also in Corfu. For more relaxed sailing trips, it is possible to embark in one island and disemark on the other, usually with extra cost.

As a general comment about the history of the Ionian islands, one should note that the region is strongly affected by Venetian culture. Corfu is the island where the Venetian influence is stronger, still evident in architecture in its main town.


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