Sail and Dive in Cyclades islands: 
Two weeks cruise


 2 weeks on a privately chartered sailing yacht!

Sail among awesome diving destinations at the Greek islands


Enjoy diving in the crystal and transparent waters of the Aegean Sea

Enjoy a sailing cruise for 2 weeks at the Cyclades islands and dive in the most beautiful destinations: Paros, Amorgos (famous from the movie 'Big Blue), Mykonos and more! Sailing the Cyclades is a fantastic experience: challenging winds prevail on most of the days, picturesque islands with traditional fish ports and secluded coves compose the top scenery for your holidays. Moreover, the Cycladic islands offer a rare diversity under the water, species of fish and sea life as well as the unforgettable sea bed, with shipwrecks, reefs with breath taking formations and colors, and evidence of ancient human life, like whole settlements covered by the sea, amphorae and more invaluable treasures.

The Sailing Experience

Sail from Athens marinas (Alimos or Lavrion) to the islands of Cyclades: Kea, Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros, Sifnos and Kythnos. There is also the option to charter the boat from Paros island, reducing the total distance to the islands. However, availability of yachts in Cyclades islands is limited so it is not always possible to start the cruise on Paros.

Sailing routes can be demanding because the winds are strong in summer months and create tall waves. Besides, some trips might last for up to seven hours (e.g. Mykonos to Amorgos) which is fascinating to people who seek a challenging experience. However, it is unlikely to be suitable for those that prefer idle and relaxing holidays.

Dives are planned every second day and in between takes place the sailing trip, from one island to the other. Everyday however, there is some time for swimming and relaxing in the beautiful coves of the Cycladic islands. Nights are spent either in ports or at anchor in picturesque bays. You can take the decision, respecting however the weather conditions and the advice of our professional skipper, aiming at your safety and pleasure.

The Diving Experience

Dives are organized at each island by local PADI instructors, based in local diving centers. The exact diving spots at each island depend on weather conditions and your level of diving experience. The yacht arrives near the diving spots the day before the dive, or early in the morning. Your dive instructor delivers the equipment and ensures that all are comfortable and familiar with it. We suggest two dives at each island, but you have the option to have more (discounts apply on additional dives). During the dives, the leader of the group ensures your safety and the finest underwater experience! You just have to enjoy the clarity and bright colour of the Aegean Sea.

No previous diving experience? No problem, you can still join this special sailing trip! Sail the yacht to Cyclades islands, enjoy your first introductory dives and live an unforgettable "Sail n Dive" cruise in the Big Blue!

  • The Route

    Day 1: Sail from Athens marina (in Alimos) to cape Sounion (Click on the image for a detailed map of the route)

    Day 2: Sail to Kea island

    Day 3: Dive at Kea island

    Day 4: Sail to Mykonos island. Short stop for swimming at the islet of Rinia (if weather permits)

    Day 5: Dive at Mykonos island

    Day 6: Sail to Amorgos island

    The town of Mykonos
    Day 7: Dive at Amorgos island

    Day 8: Sail to Paros island. Short stop for swimming at the islet of Schoinoussa

    Day 9: Dive at Paros island

    Day 10: Sail to Sifnos island. Short stop for swimming at the island of Antiparos

    Day 11: Dive at Sifnos island

    Day 12: Sail to Kythnos island

    Day 13: Dive at Kythnos island

    Day 14: Sail to Athens marina

    (The route is adjusted if starting/end point is the port of Paros island)






  • Prices

    • 4 persons: 10.885 EUR total or 1.360 EUR / person / week
    • 6 persons: 14.525 EUR total or 1.210 EUR / person / week
    • 8 persons: 18.265 EUR or 1.142 EUR / person / week
    • 10 persons: 21.245 EUR or 1.162 EUR / person / week

    The cost of the cruise depends on the number of persons onboard, the dates of travel and the number of dives they wish to perform at each site. Above prices have been estimated for periods from mid June to end July 2017, and late August till mid September. Prices are higher in August and lower before and after the above period.

    Please contact us for your inquiry in order to plan the cruise according to your personal preferences.

    A security deposit of 1.000 EUR total per yacht is withheld on credit card upon embarkation. The amount is to cover any damages caused to the yacht, with responsibility of the passengers. No charge would apply if any damage is responsibility of the skipper.

    The price includes:

    • Charter of a sailing yacht, her size depends on the number of guests (we estimate yachts with one cabin for two guests, plus a cabin for the skipper)
    • Skipper fee
    • Transport from the airport to the marina and return
    • Dives at the six islands; for certified divers, a double dive is estimated at each island
    • Fixed costs: cleaning pack for the yacht and port fees (including supply of electricity and water for the refilling of the yacht during the cruise)
    • Fuels for the yacht
    • Insurance for the yacht and the dives

    The price does not include:

    • Food and beverage during your stay on the yacht, including meals for the skipper
    • Personal expenses on the islands

  • Information about the diving spots

    Kea island

    Kea is the island in Cyclades complex that is closer to the Athens Coast (only 2 hours distance on a sailing yacht from Cape Sounion). There you can enjoy diving all around the island, depending also on weather conditions; we always opt for diving spots without wind or waves. There are plenty of options for diving in Kea: Ship wrecks (but in long depths > 70 meters, so suitable only for experienced divers), reefs, such as the reef of Koundouros. This is a breath taking diving site, but again requires high experience. Other options include diving at secluded sandy beaches to start the dive and even a small rocky islet at the north of Kea, called Spanopoula. Spectacular fish and marine life are visible around this islet.

    Excursions can take place by the inflatable boat of the dive instructor around the island, visiting beautiful spots and secluded coves for diving and snorkelling.

    Mykonos island

    Combine your visit to cosmopolitan Mykonos island with a colourful diving experience. The ship wreck Anna II, reefs with scarce underwater life, the caverns by the uninhabited islet of Dragonisi, or ancient artifacts like amphorae, all compose a unique experience to explore underwater, during a dive at Mykonos.

    Diving centers are located on the south coast of the island, in bays protected from the strong north winds of summer months. Visit the famous Paradise Beach in Mykonos, have the yacht moored there while you experience your dive and continue your day in the busy bars on the beach, enjoying the full experience of Mykonos island.

    Amorgos island

    Amorgos island is located at the eastern side of Cyclades, farther from Athens and mass tourism. For this reason the island preserves the genuity of local tradition. Specifically for diving, Amorgos carries the reputation of the "Big Blue", the famous movie about diving, which includes shots from Amorgos, in order to capture the unique blue color of the Aegean Sea. Divers have the chance to visit different diving spots with sights such as underwater remains of the ancient and Roman period, the Vyzantine period or modern ones, like wrecks of the WWII. The most recent ship wreck crashed on the coast of Amorgos in the 80s. A big part of the boat remains over the water, which makes it an exciting sightseeing for divers as well as just visitors.

    Around Amorgos, there is also a wide variety of sea life, octopus, cuttlefish, big seashells, sea turtles and more. A different diving destination at Cyclades islands.

    Paros island

    Paros includes a great variety of diving destinations and is suitable for all levels of divers. Main underwater sight seeing are the ship wrecks from ancient to modern years. Wrecks are scattered along the coast line of Paros island.

    Ancient settlements are also preserved underwater near Paros, where at some spots the tracks of walls and roads are obvious even from the sea level.

    The magnificent scenery comes together with protected fish life, spectacular reefs and scattered amphorae from the Roman Age. Paros and the neighboring, secluded islets with historic importance still to be discovered on its full size, create a diversified and impressive diving destination.

    Learn more about the Aegean Sea: the dive instructors are pioneer marine researchers and experts on sea environmental issues, protection of marine archaeological research, oceanography. Diving at the heart of Cyclades offers a unique experience.

    Sifnos island

    Breath taking diving destinations at Sifnos island. Explore the underwater coves, visit spots with ancient amphorae, enjoy the crystal, transparent waters and the amazing blue colors of the Aegean Sea. The most beautiful diving spots are located at the south side of Sifnos; the small islet of Kitriani, the picturesque cove of Fikiada and the cove of Heronisos at the north. All surrounded by the bright blue of the Aegean Sea.


    Kythnos island

    Kythnos island is abundant of diving spots, which include impressive formations of reefs such as declining walls falling into endless depths. “Abyss” is one of the most impressive sites. The wall goes sharp down to over 84 meters, offering a unique spectacle. There you will see the balcony, at 32 meters, a combination of man construction and a layer of sea life, covering the ancient walls.

    Along the coast line of Kythnos there is variety of sea life, big fish, lobsters (visit the “Lobster Reef” on the north), golden groupers over tens kilos and countless more species. All add a special color to the seascape.

    Rock formations like the Crater, the Submarine the Bridge and many equally impressive sites sparkle the mind and leave the best memories.

    It is convenient to visit Kythnos island when sailing the Cyclades islands. The diving center is located in a very good shelter for sailing yachts, the port of Loutra. Besides, the island lies close to the entry of the Saronic Gulf, thus it lies on the route from Cyclades to the marinas of Athens.

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