Have you ever thought of yourself mastering a sailing yacht?

Steer the wheel of the yacht and trim the sails?

...But it's your first time on a sailing yacht?

Sail with our professional skippers for one or more weeks and you can gain the basic skills for sailing, during a sailing cruise around the breath taking Greek islands!

Unique Lifestyle!

Sail during the day, enjoy in vivid nightlife during the night! Before and after each sailing trip enjoy swimming in the crystal waters at the Greek islands, golden beaches, traditional ports, romantic nights or busy nightlife!

The true experience

Our skippers will show you how to sail as well as show you the real life on the islands, the Greek tradition, hidden spots to visit, all in all - a local perspective on your holidays

The skipper was very professional and with friendly manners and willing throught the whole trip to educate us around sailing! We spent a memorable 7 days at this trip! Extremely recommented!Experience of our guests

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Sailing Holidays and Lessons - Sail in Greek Waters

Basic skills taught during the sailing week:

  • Steer the helm
  • Drop and heeve the anchor
  • Basic knots
  • Basic principles of aero/hydrodynamics, related to sailing
  • Hoist, take down and furl the sails
  • Sailing under different wind force and direction
  • Trim the sails
  • Maneuver in the ports (limited, according to weather / port conditions)
  • Using the map and the electronic instruments


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