Sail and Hike in Cyclades islands:
Two weeks cruise




2 weeks Sail and Hike at the Greek islands on a privately chartered sailing yacht!

Sail for 2 weeks on the Greek islands. Embark to your sailing yacht from Athens marinas and visit the Cyclades islands: Kea, Mykonos, Koufonissi, Paros and many more! Follow our guided tours and discover more on the open nature of the Cyclades islands! The hiking tours include visits on important archaelogical sites, such as the islets of Delos and Despotikon, world famous monuments of ancient and world civilization.

The Hiking Experience

The sailing trip of two weeks at Cyclades islands includes a wide variety of hiking routes on each island. Most of them combine hiking on open nature with a visit to historic monuments, such as the islet of Delos and Despotikon, the island of Kythnos and on cape Sounion. Other routes take place in the towns of the islands, which reveal a lot about the local history and culture; Mykonos, Syros and Paros are islands with dense historic tradition, which is depicted in buildings and monuments in each town.

The Sailing Experience

Sail from Athens marinas (Alimos or Lavrion) to the islands of Cyclades: Kea, Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros, Sifnos and Kythnos. There is also the option to charter the boat from Paros island, reducing the total distance to the islands. However, availability of yachts in Cyclades islands is limited so it is not always possible to start the cruise on Paros.

Sailing routes can be demanding because the winds are strong in summer months and create tall waves. Besides, some trips might last for up to seven hours which is fascinating to people who seek a challenging experience. However, it is unlikely to be suitable for those that prefer idle and relaxing holidays.

Hiking tours on the islands are planned almost every second day; in between takes place the sailing trip, from one island to the other. Everyday however, there is some time for swimming and relaxing in the beautiful coves of the Cycladic islands. Nights are spent either in ports or at anchor in picturesque bays. You can take the decision, respecting however the weather conditions and the advice of our professional skipper, aiming at your safety and pleasure.

  • The Route

    Day 1: Sail from Athens marina (in Alimos) to cape Sounion

    • Upon your arrival to Athens (usually by airplain), we arrange for your transport to the marina (optionally to the city center, depending on time of arrival)
    • Purchase required provisions for the cruise (food, beverage, toiletries, etc) or ask us to have the supplies arranged for you already in the yacht (service free of charge)
    • Embarkation to the yacht at 5pm - introduction of the skipper and the yacht. 
    • Sail to Cape Sounion; distance 23 nautical miles (nm), 3-4 hours
    • Arrive to Cape Sounion by sunset
    • Spend the first night of the cruise under the stars and the lit Temple of Poseidon

    Day 2: Sail to Kea island

    • Distance: 16 nm (3 hours)
    • Hike uphill to the Temple of Poseidon - Optional: Visit to the archaeological site
    • Swim in the cove, under the Temple of Poseidon
    • Spend the night in the port of Kea or in a cove on anchor

    Day 3: Sail to Syros island

    • Distance: 34 nm (6 hours)
    • Visit the town of Syros; astonishing view from uphill to the endless blue and the picturesque town
    • Alternative routes at the open nature - coastline
    • Spend the night in the traditional town

    Day 4: Sail to Mykonos island

    • Distance: 24 nm (4 hours)
    • Hike on the secluded, northern coastline of Mykonos island
    • Visit awesome beaches during the hiking
    • Night in cosmopolitan Mykonos town

    Day 5: Delos - Mykonos

    • Visit to the archaeological site of Delos (yacht or small ferry, depending on weather conditions)
    • Visit to the archaeological museum of Mykonos
    • Guided tour in the town
    • If weather permits, swim in the uninhabited islet of Rhenia
    • Spend the night in the town of Mykonos, the marina
    • Alternatively, stay on anchor in a cove for the night, romantically on the boat or in a busy cove with beach bar.

    Day 6: Sail to Paros island

    • Distance: 25 nautical miles (4 hours)
    • "Paros through its history": guided tour in the main town of Paros, Paroikia
    • Spend the night in the town of Paroikia

    Day 7: Sail to Schoinoussa island

    • Distance: 27 nm (4 hours)
    • Swim in secluded coves with crystal, transparent waters
    • Hike on the wild coastline of Schoinoussa
    • Easy night in the small village on Schoinoussa or the yacht

    Day 8: Sail to Koufonissi island

    • Distance: 8 nm (1 hour)
    • During the short cruise stop for a swim in a secluded cove of your choice
    • Hike on the coastline of Koufonissi, among the impressive caves
    • Easy night in the small village of Koufonissi or the yacht

    Day 9: Sail to Antiparos island

    • Distance: 23 nm (4 hours)
    • Hiking with tour guide on Antiparos and Despotikon (historic and geological interest, pre-historic settlements, the oldest stalagmite in Europe)
    • Swim in the exotic landscape of Cyclades islands
    • Night on anchor or berth in the port of Antiparos - vivid nightlife

    Day 10: Sail to Sifnos island

    • Distance: 24 nm (4 hours)
    • Hiking with tour guide at Kastro, the ancient settlement on Sifnos, with rich historic interest and an incredible view to the Aegean Sea
    • Walk in the picturesque alleys of the town of Sifnos, Apollonia and enjoy dinner

    Day 11: Sail to Kythnos island

    • Distance: 34 nm (6 hours)
    • Swim in one of the most impressive beaches, in Kolona (Kythnos island)
    • Hike uphill, to the nearby arcaeological site of Vryokastro and the medieval castle of Vryon
    • Spend the night in Kolona, or the nearby, picturesque port of Merichas

    Day 12: Sail to Poros island

    • Distance: 45 nm (7 hours)
    • Enjoy a relaxing swim in the picturesque coves of Poros island
    • Enjoy the night in the port of Poros (alternatively, the coves offer safe shelter for the night)

    Day 13: Sail to Aegina island

    • Distance: 14 nm (2 hours)
    • Visit the cove of Agia Marina
    • Hike to the Temple of Athena Afaia (7th century BC)
    • Swim in the beautiful cove
    • Spend the night in the cove or sail to the port of Aegina


    Day 14: Return to Alimos marina

    • Distance: 19 nm (3 hours)
    • Swim in the coves of Aegina or the nearby islet of Moni.
    • Return to Alimos marina, Athens
    • At night visit Athens City Center
    • Optional: Guided hiking route through several historic monuments in the city 
    • Disembarkation from the yacht takes place early in the next morning

    (The route is adjusted if starting/end point is the port of Paros island)

  • Prices

    • 4 persons: 9.115 EUR total or 1.139 EUR / person / week
    • 6 persons: 11.400 EUR total or 950 EUR / person / week
    • 8 persons: 13.757 EUR or 860 EUR / person / week
    • 10 persons: 15.743 EUR or 752 EUR / person / week

    Please contact us for your inquiry in order to plan the cruise according to your personal preferences.

    A security deposit of 1.000 EUR total per yacht is withheld on credit card upon embarkation. The amount is to cover any damages caused to the yacht, with responsibility of the passengers. No charge would apply if any damage is responsibility of the skipper.

    The price includes:

    • Charter of the sailing yacht; Yacht size depends on the number of guests (we estimate yachts with a cabin per two guests, plus a cabin for the skipper)
    • Skipper fee
    • Tour guide fees and transport (where applicable) on:
      • Sounion Temple
      • Mykonos (+vehicle) 
      • Delos (+ferry from Mykonos)
      • Paros
      • Antiparos (+tickets for local bus)
      • Sifnos (no guide, only transport)
    • Fuel cost for the yacht
    • Fixed costs: cleaning pack for the yacht and port fees (including supply of electricity and water for the refilling of the yacht during the cruise)
    • Insurance for the yacht
    • Transport from/to the airport

    The price does not include:

    • Insurance for activities on the island. Guests are advised to arrange personal travel insurance, if they wish.
    • Transport on the islands, except for what is included in the hiking itinerary above
    • Food and beverage during your stay on the yacht, including meals for the skipper
    • Personal expenses on the islands

    Interested about the services of a hostess/cook? Forget all concerns about what to eat on the yacht! Our hostess prepares breakfast and a meal per day, so you can enjoy your day carefree; our cook prepares 3 meals a day; moreover the hostess keeps the yacht tidy.

    Fee for hostess or cook: 1.000 EUR/week

    Customize your cruise: Propose your own itinerary and we will be happy to match the best solution 

Asking for more information? Give us a direct call or send your message and we will contact you as soon as possible

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