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the conservation 

of dolphins and whales


Sail in Greek Waters is proud to announce its collaboration with and active support of the PELAGOS Cetacean Research Institute!



For every charter booked through our web site, a portion of the amount spent is dedicated to the support of the operations and the research and conservation activities of the PELAGOS Institute.

The institute is devoted to scientific research about the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the Greek Waters. Their research includes both study “in the field” (sea expeditions to meet cetaceans and collect data about their ecology and behavior) as well as analyzing data and producing scientific publications and public presentations.

The work of the Institute affects the life and health of the cetaceans, hence the natural environment of the open sea, by detecting the threats that affect the conservation status of the various cetacean species. The research results are communicated to the public authorities in order to undertake immediate or long-term actions for the protection of the cetaceans and the marine life as a whole. [divider type="shadow" margin="2em 0"]

Are you ready to support actively the objectives of the PELAGOS Cetacean Research Institute?

Let us know when you meet a dolphin!

It is simple, it is valuable and most importantly it is highly fascinating: When sailing under calm weather conditions, always have near you a camera and a notepad or the Observation Form of the Institute. If you see a cetacean (dolphin or whale), take as many pictures (or videos) as possible of the animal and try to observe any specific characteristics. As soon as possible, write down the exact date, time and location (ideally ask for the geographic coordinates from the skipper).

After the observation is over, kindly fill the relevant form and send it by email together with photos or videos to Pelagos Institute. Your contribution is highly important to the work of Pelagos Institute and is appreciated by the researchers who will be happy to answer any questions regarding the species of cetaceans that you observed.

Click here to download the observation form to fill in, in case you meet a cetacean during your sailing trip or contact us if you need further details.

All in all, letting a small portion of your money to the support of the PELAGOS Institute gives the means and the motivation to its members to keep up the good work for the protection of the cetaceans of the Greek seas and the marine environment.

Find out more about the PELAGOS Cetacean Research Institute in their official web site.

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