Live aboard: Sail with your
dive instructor



Sail at the Cyclades islands with your dive instructor and your equipment and select together the most interesting and spectacular spots to dive!



Destination: Cyclades islands! Embark to your yacht either on Athens or on Paros island

Duration of sailing cruise: 1 week!

Number of Dives: 10 total, two per day - Optional: 2 night dives

Enjoy a sailing cruise for 1 week at the Cyclades islands and dive in the most beautiful destinations. You and your group will be sailing with the dive instructor, a highly experienced professional and oceanographer. Together you can select the preferred diving spots, through out the Cyclades islands. At the beginning of your cruise, or even earlier, you can communicate to us your special preferences and interests and our dive instructor will propose the most suitable spots. You will be able to adjust the plan during the cruise, as you get more experience of diving in the Aegean Sea. The diving plan is possible to be adjusted to weather conditions (i.e. force of the wind and waves), but there is always a fulfilling option to dive, whatever the weather conditions.

This cruise is suitable for experienced divers or beginners alike, since beginners will be able after the introduction course of the first day to dive in depths up to 12 meters and enjoy the spectacular sea bed at full scale.

The Sailing Experience

Sail either from Athens marinas (Alimos or Lavrion) or from Paros, which is located at the heart of the cluster of Cyclades islands. Sailing routes can be demanding because the winds are strong in summer months and create tall waves. Besides, some trips might last for up to seven hours which is fascinating to people who seek a challenging experience. However, it is unlikely to be suitable for those that prefer idle and relaxing holidays. Sailing conditions will be easier if you start your trip in Paros islands, due to smaller distances, but it's not always possible to find an available yacht at the island.

The Diving Experience

Dives are organized on a daily basis, before or after the sailing trip of the day. Maximum 10 dives are planned in the duration of 7 days (it is not as easy to have a dive on the first/last day of your cruise). Destinations include reefs, ship wrecks (from ancient times to nowadays) and even ancient settlements. There is also the possibility to arrange a night dive, preferably in the same area that you dived earlier, with daylight. Again, no diving experience is required in the Greek Waters. Remains of ancient settlements and reefs are visible even with snorkelling equipment, from the surface of the sea. In all cases you will be impressed by the clarity and transparency of the Aegean Sea, allowing clear visibility in large depths.

If people in your group do not wish to dive with the rest of the group can spend the day relaxing on the yacht, or practice snorkelling on the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

Optional for Amateurs:

Follow the basic diving courses during your cruise! Your dive instructor can deliver lessons and also underwrite your certificate of Open Water Diver. During the lessons you can attain additional knowledge on environmental and marine life protection issues.

The Routes

The actual route of your cruise can be defined by you and the dive instructor; for trips from Athens we recommend the islands of Kea, Kythnos, Paros, Antiparos and Sifnos. For trips from Paros we recommend Paros, Antiparos, Amorgos and the Small Cyclades.


The final price for the cruise depends on the number of your group, the dates of travel and the selected total number of dives. 

Please send us the required information and your contact details and we shall respond with available options and exact prices.

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