Cooking lessons on Cyclades islands: 2 weeks sailing cruise


Two weeks sailing cruise at the Greek islands: Cooking lessons on selected destinations!


Reveal the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet, famous for its health benefits as well as unbeatable taste.

Sail for 2 weeks on the Greek islands. Embark to your sailing yacht from Athens marinas and visit Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros, Sifnos and many more!

On these islands visit the premises of our partners (organic farms and hotels) and follow informal cooking lessons from experts who will introduce you to the Greek gastronomy with delicious Cycladic recipes.

The Greek cuisine is an important aspect of the Greek culture and is famous worldwide for its taste as well as the pure ingredients. Take the recipies back home and impress your friends and family with the new experiences you gained.

What are the cooking lessons like?

Cooking lessons are offered in specific destinations during your cruise, specifically the islands of Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros and Sifnos. On each island, we visit the venue either in the morning or in the afternoon, according to your preferences. You meet our cooking instructor, an expert in local recipies of the Cyclades islands. In the cooking process you will use organic, local products, usually from the own farm of your cooking instructor. The ingredients are mostly organic, cultivated in own farms or provided from local partners. The lessons are performed in a relaxing manner, allowing you to participate actively, learn how to make the recipies, while at the same time the cook shares stories and traditions from the island. After cooking, you enjoy the delicious meal you just cooked in a beautiful and memorable dinner.

The cooking lesson and dinner take place in a friendly environment, where your cooking instructor introduces you to the culture and old-times spirit of each island. At the end, you can purchase local products from the farm/hotel where you have the lessons; usuallly the excited guests leave with hands full of delicacies from each island.

Discover the Greek Gastronomy, an integral part of the Greek history and tradition!


Sailing Conditions

Enjoy a sailing cruise for 2 weeks at the Cyclades islands: Paros, Amorgos (famous from the movie 'Big Blue), Mykonos and more! Sailing the Cyclades is a fantastic experience: challenging winds prevail on most of the days, picturesque islands with traditional fish ports and secluded coves compose the top scenery for your holidays. Sail from Athens marinas (Alimos or Lavrion) to the islands of Cyclades: Kea, Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros, Sifnos and Kythnos. There is also the option to charter the boat from Paros, reducing the total distance to the islands. However, availability of yachts in Cyclades islands is limited so it is not always possible to start the cruise on Paros.

Sailing routes can be demanding because the winds are strong in summer months and create tall waves. Besides, some trips might last for up to seven hours which is fascinating to people who seek a challenging experience. However, it is unlikely to be suitable for those that prefer idle and relaxing holidays.

Nights are spent either in ports or at anchor in picturesque bays. You can take the decision, respecting however the weather conditions and the advice of our professional skipper, aiming at your safety and pleasure.

Day 1: Sail from Athens marina (in Alimos) to cape Sounion

  • Upon your arrival to Athens (usually by aeroplane), we arrange for your transport to the marina (optionally to the city center, depending on time of arrival)
  • Purchase required provisions for the cruise (food, beverage, toiletries, etc) or ask us to have the supplies arranged for you already in the yacht at your arrival (service free of charge)
  • Embarkation to the yacht at 5pm - introduction of the skipper and the yacht
  • Sail to Cape Sounion; distance 23 nautical miles (nm), 3-4 hours sailing by the Athens South Coast
  • Arrive to Cape Sounion by sunset; mooring on anchor
  • Spend the first night of the cruise under the stars and the lit Temple of Poseidon


Day 2: Sail to Syros island

  • Distance: 45 nm (7 hours) - Challenging sailing conditions on a long route, exposed to north winds
  • Start your day with an early swim in the crystal clear waters of Cape Sounion
  • After a light lunch, sail to Syros island (port of Phoinikas)
  • In the afternoon visit the magnificent town of Syros (transport fare 15 EUR for 4 persons by taxi is not included in the total price of the cruise)
  • Dinner in the town or the picturesque port of Phoinikas


Day 3: Sail to Mykonos island

  • Distance: 24 nm (4 hours) - Challenging sailing conditions as north winds always blow stronger in the area around Mykonos
  • After berthing in the marina, visit the cosmopolitan town of Mykonos or the golden beaches of the island
  • Dinner in the cosmopolitan town of Mykonos or the yacht and then party into the famous nightlife on the island
  • Optional: Visit the sacred islet of Delos and follow a guided tour at the ancient monuments


Day 4: Cooking Lessons on Mykonos 

  • We visit a traditional house (fully rebuilt with all modern facilities) for the cooking class (duration: 6 hours)
  • Our local cooking instructor welcomes you to a friendly and cozy atmosphere and treats you a glass of wine or raki.
  • Cooking lesson includes: tsatziki, spinach pie, stuffed vegetables and beef with orzo!
  • Our guests improve their understanding of the Greek cuisine while our cook guides them to prepare a delicious meal!



  • The House has an organic garden where you supply all the required vegetables for the recipes.
  • Once the food is prepared, enjoy a delicious meal with the treasures you just cooked!
  • Through out preparation, the Chef discusses about the history of the island and the local tradition encaptulated on the old recipies
  • After dinner, a local sweet is served. We head back to our sailing yacht after a fulfilling 6-hour fest; before we leave, a treat of the House: Each couple of our guests takes as present a bag with local products.
  • Authentic - Traditional - Mykonian, this is the essense of the experience in the Mykonian Spiti.
  • Optional: Combine the cooking lessons on Mykonos with a visit to a traditional farm, lessons of Greek dances or a hiking tour in the exotic landscape of Mykonos.

Visit the Mykonian Spiti (Home), the facilities of our trusted Gastronomy partner on Mykonos island and learn more about the local cooking experience

Cooking in the Mykonian Spiti 


Day 5: Sail to Donoussa island

  • Distance: 35 nm (5 hours) - North winds are favorable as we sail south, although strong winds cause tall waves in the open sea
  • Berth in the traditional port of Donoussa, enjoy a relaxing day on the island and the golden beaches
  • Dinner in the fish taverns at the port, or on the deck of your yacht
  • Alternatively, spend the night on anchor, in any of the coves of Donoussa island


Day 6: Sail to Amorgos island

  • Distance: 15 nm (3 hours) - Sailing route further south on the open sea
  • Before berthing, you can make a stop in the crystal coves of Amorgos island and enjoy a swim
  • Berth in the small port of Aegiali
  • Enjoy a peaceful evening in a relaxing and picturesque village around the port
  • Optional Activities: Hiking routes of rare beauty and snorkelling / diving by a shipwreck! The Chora (main village) of Amorgos is among the most beautiful spots on the Aegean Sea!


Day 7: Cooking Lessons on Amorgos island

The cooking lessons take place in the fun and relaxing atmosphere of Aegialis Hotel and Spa

  • The hotel is located close to the small port, you arrive to the hotel after a nice walk by the beach
  • The Chef welcomes you to the hotel and the cooking area
  • The menu includes traditional recipes of Amorgos on how to make fava, favatokeftedes, vegetable croquettes and methismena amorgiana desserts
  • After the preparation and cooking is completed, enjoy lunch with the delicacies you just made! 
  • In the afternoon, continue the exploration of the island. There is still a lot to discover on an island that has preserved the local tradition through out the years

Cooking in Amorgos Hotel and Spa 



Day 8: Sail to Schoinoussa island

  • Distance: 24 nm (4 hours)
  • Swim in secluded coves with crystal, transparent waters
  • Easy night in the small village of the island or the yacht
  • Optional activity: Take a walk on the wild and impressive coastline of Schoinoussa island


Day 9: Sail to Paros island

  • Distance: 29 nm (5 hours) - Easier trip, since the sailing route is protected by the coast of the big islands, Naxos and Paros
  • Enjoy a fascinating trip, with easy-sailing conditions, through the strait of Paros and Antiparos
  • Berth early in Paroikia, the main port of Paros island
  • Enjoy the rest of the day in the historic port of Paroikia
  • Optional activity: Follow a guided tour around the historic spots of Paroikia, including ancient temples, Byzantine walls and the famous church of Panagia (Holly Mary) Ekatontapiliani


Day 10: Cooking Lessons on Paros island

  • Your vehicle will pick you up from the port for half an hour drive to the taverna of our local partner, "Margarita's Studios.
  • The tavern is located close to the sea; it is known for the traditional recipes and delicious plates
  • The kitchen lies next to a beautiful, beach-front yard. There we will enjoy the meal, next to the swimming pool
  • Our local cooking instructor welcomes you to the kitchen and soon you start your introduction to the Greek Gastronomy
  • The menu includes how to make tzatziki, friend zucchini balls, dolmadakia, spinach pie, saganaki cheese, moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, rosemary-garlic-lemon roasted lamp or pork, fish and beans soup. The dessert includes baklava, galaktoboureko and more traditional delicacies. 
  • After the preparation of the food, enjoy the meal in the beautiful yard under the arbor, with the company of local, table wine.
  • In the afternoon return to your yacht for relaxing time in the small marina or the town of Paroikia
  • Optional activity: Sail to the small islets of Antiparos and Despotikon, visit archeological spots on free nature or while snorkelling. The area is full of surprises!
  • Notes:
    • Coooking lessons on Paros are available all months, except in July and August
    • Drinks on dinner are not included in the total price of the cruise

Learn more about our partner on Paros island:

Cooking in Margarita Studios 


Day 11: Sail to Sifnos island

  • Distance: 28 nm (4 hours) - Challenging sailing conditions as the route is exposed to big sea waves when the winds are strong; however, the wind direction is favorable for fast sailing
  • Arrive in the port of Kamares
  • In the afternoon stay in the picturesque port or visit the town of Apollonia; walk in the beautiful alleys and enjoy dinner
  • Optional activities: Hike at the settlement of Kastro, an impressive monument at Sifnos eastern coast, or practice diving (or snorkeling) under the supervision of local dive instructors


Day 12: Cooking Lessons on Sifnos island

  • Sifnos is renown as the island of Gastronomy due to diverse cooking recipes and traditional making of a wide array of food
  • Your vehicle will pick you up from the port and drive you to the venue for the cooking lessons. It is a traditional farm uphill, in the exotic Cycladic landscape of Sifnos island
  • Under the instructions of the farm owner and cooking instructor create delicious plates using own ingredients from the farm, grown with the method of dry cultivation. Try the unique taste and flavor of these precious vegetables
  • In the farm you have also the option to purchase supplies for the yacht, like wine and raki, local cheese and of course fruits and fresh vegetables, all grown in the farm with organic methods
  • The cooking lessons on Sifnos island compose a unique experience, revealing the relationship between the Cycladic environment, the traditional Greek gastronomy as well as the local people who cultivate the land and carry these recipes from one generation to the other.

Find out more about the cooking lessons on Sifnos and our local partner:

Cooking in the farm of Narlis 


Day 13: Sail to Kythnos island

  • Distance: 34 nm (5 hours)
  • Anchor in the cove of Kolona, one of the most beautiful and impressive spots on the Cyclades islands.
  • Enjoy your swim in the sheltered bay and take a good rest after the long trip.
  • Spend the night on the yacht or in the picturesque port of Merichas, half an hour sail from Kolona.


Day 14: Return to Athens

  • Distance: 45 mm (7 hours) - Long trip with milder winds, especially after the passage of the cape Sounion
  • Sail by Athens Riviera, the South Coast of the Attika peninsula; on the way have a short stop for swim
  • Arrive to Athens marina in the afternoon; after a good rest enjoy dinner in the marina, or visit Athens by night
  • Disembarkation takes place the next day, 9:00 in the morning

(The route is adjusted if starting/end point is the port of Paros island) 


  • 4 persons: 8.369 EUR total or 1.046 EUR / person / week
  • 6 persons: 10.848 EUR total or 905 EUR / person / week
  • 8 persons: 13.643 EUR or 853 EUR / person / week
  • 10 persons: 15.833 EUR or 792 EUR / person / week


Please contact us for your inquiry in order to plan the cruise according to your personal preferences.

A security deposit of 1.000 EUR total per yacht is withheld on credit card upon embarkation. The amount is to cover any damages caused to the yacht, with responsibility of the passengers. No charge would apply if any damage is responsibility of the skipper.

The price includes:

  • Charter of the sailing yacht; Yacht size depends on the number of guests (we estimate yachts with a cabin per two guests, plus a cabin for the skipper). Period estimated is June, July and September. In different months prices will vary according to the cost of chartering the yacht.
  • Skipper fee
  • Transport cost to/from the marina/airport at the first and the last day of the cruise
  • Cooking lessons on Mykonos, Amorgos, Paros and Sifnos.
    • If you sail on July / August when Paros restaurant is not available, cooking expenses will be deducted from total price
  • Fixed costs: cleaning pack for the yacht and port fees (including supply of electricity and water for the refilling of the yacht during the cruise)
  • Yacht fuels cost
  • Insurance for the yacht

The price does not include:

  • Insurance for activities on the island. Guests are advised to arrange personal travel insurance, if they wish.
  • Food and beverage during your stay on the yacht, including meals for the skipper
  • Personal expenses on the islands

Interested about the services of a hostess / cook? Forget all concerns about what to eat on the yacht! Our hostess prepares breakfast and a meal per day, so you can enjoy your day carefree; our cook prepares 3 meals a day; moreover the hostess keeps the yacht tidy.

Fee for hostess or cook: 1.000 EUR / week

Customize your cruise: Propose your own itinerary and we will be happy to match the best solution 

Asking for more information? Give us a direct call or send your message and we will contact you as soon as possible

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