For Amateur Captains


Are you qualified to master the yacht alone with your friends, but still uncertain?

We offer the option to sail with our professional skipper for the first 3-7 days of your cruise only (depending on the total duration of your cruise). After you feel more confident your skipper leaves the boat, letting you and your group to continue the tour by yourselves!

Important Benefits of this cruise:

  • The skipper will show you in detail how to operate the chartered yacht; each yacht has her own peculiarities, and you will be able to discover them with the guidance of our skipper.
  • Learn how to berth with safety. The ports in the most popular destinations are usually busy and sometimes exposed to strong winds. If you do not have a lot of experience on anchorage and berthing, the ports at the Greek islands can be hard to manage. Getting the first experience with our professional skipper will make your cruise more relaxing and care free.
  • Get more information and local knowledge about your itinerary from our skipper, while he will suggest ideal destinations for the days after his presence on board.


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We have created a special package of a combined course for beginner to intermediate crews. Our basic program offers three days of hands-on training that will provide you the basic knowledge and skills to conclude the last three days of the trip on your own. Feel free to expand your cruise for more than one week, according to your own preferences.

We plan a route together based on your preferences, the weather, and the skill of the crew. For the first part of the trip our trainer teaches as well as helps you in handling the yacht, until you reach your mid-trip destination. Even the first three days, you do it all yourselves: we are just there to teach you and we help only if it is necessary.

After the first three or seven days depending on the total duration of your trip, you sail back on your own. But you now have both the knowledge of the area and the sailing skills required to perform the task with confidence.

Of course, this is not only a sailing course. During your trip you will have the chance to explore the beauty of the Greek waters and coastal towns, hike through pine forests and traditional villages, swim in secret coves and caves, enjoy the famous Greek salad, eat fresh fish and drink the traditional Greek ouzo. Your skipper will be happy to show you around if you wish, like an informal tour guide. Again, we want you to enjoy Greece, so we will bring you to these areas that you can feel the unique character of our country.



Dates: Sailing in Greece expands from May to October (or even before and after). July and August are the warmest months, but also the most busy in the islands, and with strong winds (particularly in the popular area of the Cyclades islands).

Price: The price depends on the number of persons in your group, the dates of travel, as well as your prefered yacht. If you are interested to join this program, please fill in the booking form on this page with the required information and we will send you our quote with available yachts, or you can contact us directly and plan together your cruise according to your preferences.

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