2-Days sailing cruise




Enjoy 2-day sailing trips during your stay in Athens, visiting few of the most beautiful islands in Greece on a sailing yacht

  • Are you visiting Athens and would like to spend 2 days on the Deep Blue?
  • Do you want to enjoy sailing but cannot book for 7 days, as in standard sailing cruises?
  • Do you want to have sailing holidays but your group is only 1-2 persons so chartering a whole yacht with skipper is too expensive?

In this case join our 2-day sailing cruise starting from Athens and live the experience of sailing the Greek waters.

Visit 2 beautiful Greek islands for an unforgettable experience:

  • Feel the freedom of traveling with the sails and the force of the winds, with the waves running by your yacht!
  • Swim and relax in secluded bays
  • Visit picturesque ports with the small traditional shops and white houses, typical of the Greek islands
  • Enjoy the fantastic conditions of Greek summer, such as the bright sun, a nice breeze and pleasant temperature, with the wonderful landscape of the secluded bays and the beautiful islands
  • Dine in romantic restaurants and secret taverns
  • Visit ancient monuments; the temple of Poseidon on cape Sounion, the temple of Goddess Athena in Aegina, or the ancient theater in Epidavros

Your skipper will guide you to the secluded bays of the islands, accessible only by sea, and, if you like, will show you the authentic aspect of Greece, away from massive tourism

Is your group sustained only of 2 people? In this case you can charter only one cabin on the yacht and share the cruise with 2-4 more people, who have chartered the remaining 1-2 cabins (each cabin accommodates 2 persons). Condition for the cabin chartering is that other people have booked the same sailing trip, on the same dates.

When: Departure twice a week, from March to November. Off season, customized cruises are also available through out the year, usually at low prices.

Cruises commence on Saturday afternoon and are completed on Monday morning, then Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning and finally Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning! 

Where: Departure takes place from Athens, either the main marina of Alimos, or the port of Lavrion, close to Cyclades islands. The route includes two islands: Aegina and Poros when you start from Alimos marina, or Kea and Kythnos when you start from the port of Lavrion.



Price: EURO 2.400 for 6 persons, or EURO 400 / person for 2 days cruise!



What is included in the price:

  • Yacht charter with 4 cabins, for 2 days and nights.
  • Skipper fee
  • Breakfast
  • Fuels
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Cleaning services

What is not included in the price:

  • Drinks and snacs onboard
  • Other personal items / provisions

Save costs: No hotel rooms since you sleep in your double cabin in the yacht, share the living room (saloon) and the deck for sun bath and the kitchen (galley) where you can prepare anything you like from coffee, cocktails or meals.


TIP: Enjoy sailing trips of 2 or more days in Cyclades islands, Mykonos, Santorini, as well as in the Northern Aegean Sea and the beautiful Sporades islands. Contact us for more information on your bookings!

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