Sailing Conditions in the Sporades islands


Sporades islands lie on the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea.  The region is out of the main path of the 'meltemi' the north wind that prevails on the Aegean Sea in summer months, so things are much calmer than other places, such as the Cyclades islands. Winds blow usually up to 4-5 Beauforts, north – northwest direction. Noon is the time when sailors can enjoy most of the wind. Even when the winds are strong, waves are moderate and do not affect the course of the yacht.

Sailing in Sporades islands is easy since islands are close to each other and distances are small. Skiathos and Skopelos have numerous bays on their south coasts, Skopelos also on her west coast, Panormos and Agnontas being our favorite. Alonissos has 'magical' bays all over and most of the islets of Sporades lie on the north of the island and her east side

Rent a yacht in the area of Sporades islands to enjoy happy sailing within incredible natural beauty!

In general, there are few things that draw attention when sailing the Sporades islands:

  • The wind and the wave height are generally calm, but they get stronger at the north of the islands and the traits among them (phenomenon that is naturally observed in most sailing regions). We have noticed a wind of 15 knots between Pelion Gulf and Skiathos to fade out completely once we sailed to the north side of the island.
  • In periods when at day time the north winds prevail, they calm down at night, but it's also possible the wind to shift in direction. Local people warn that when mooring on anchor not to stay only on the anchor but to use a line ashore (or use a second anchor). This way yachts avoid turning around at night, with the risk to lose hold of their anchor.
  • Last but not least is to protect the invaluable physical environment of the region and restrain from any pollution to the sea (fuels, engine water, soap, garbage, etc.)




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