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Dodecanese Islands compose one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Greece, located in southeastern AegeanSea. The amazing landscape, along with the existence of small islands and islets off the beaten track, compose a unique experience for sailors who decide to visit this wonderful area for sailing holidays.

Wind force is rather mild thanks to its protection on east and northeast from the Minor Asia Coast. Usually, winds do not exceed 6 beauforts (i.e. 25 knots) but keep minimum 2-3 beauforts, allowing for easy sailing conditions through out the summer period. Particularly in July and August, when meltemi the prevailing north wind of that period) blow its strongest in Central Aegean Sea, Dodecanese islands remain well protected at a maximum of 6 beauforts, mainly in August. At the end of the month, meltemi usually faints out gradually but wind keeps strong enough for sailing the yacht.

Wind direction is Western, that’s the only direction not protected from the Coast. However, waves never get too high, reaching up to 1,5 meters high, with strong winds. Geographical factors protect this group of islands from the north and south, where waves would be expected to reach their maximum size.

Through out summer months, the sky is bright with hardly any signs of major clouds. Due to it’s geographical position, the region enjoys the longest periods of sun shine and summer heat, across the Greek Waters. As a result,Dodecaneseislands, with islands close to each other and with numerous bays offering safe shelter in the most beautiful landscape, compose an ideal sailing destination for easy sailing and relaxed holidays.



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