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The area of Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese is one of the most fulfilling sailing destinations in Greece! The beautiful natural landscape, the monuments of ancient civilization, the proximity of the islands as well as the protection from northern winds, are a few of the characteristics that compose an ideal setting for relaxing sailing holidays.

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Breathtaking Landscape. The Saronic Gulf is gifted with crystal waters and beautiful bays. The main islands, Aegina and Poros, can be reached within only a few hours from Athens marinas, and farther on lie the historic islands of Hydra and Spetses. Main feature in the area are the well-protected bays, covered by dense trees.

Apart from the islands, the coast of Peloponnese offers unforgettable destinations. Epidavrus, Porto Fokiano, Kiparissi and of course Monemvasia, are only few of the wonderful ports and bays that lie in the wider area. Cape Sounion is located on the southeast edge of Athens coast; the yachts anchor in the beautiful waters under the Poseidon Temple and travellers swim in a spectacular atmosphere. Ideal place for relaxing sailing holidays with soft winds, well protected bays and traditional ports with amazing historic legacy.

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Weather Conditions. The Saronic Gulf allows for easy-going sailing, nevertheless the wind might get stronger. The area is exposed to the meltemi, i.e. the strong, northern wind that prevails in July and August, but due to the geographical position, it is well protected by the land, thus there are no big waves caused by the winds, as it happens in the Aegean Sea; sailors prefer the Saronic Gulf for the calmness they find in the area.

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Weather Conditions


Great Civilization. The wider area of the Saronic Gulf has priceless evidence of civilization going back several millennia. Sights include the ancient theater of Epidavrus, the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion and more, world famous, ancient monuments. The ports of Hydra and Spetses are living proof of the wealth and power accumulated by the naval powers before the Greek Revolution. The Castle of Monemvasia, at the south end of the eastern coast of Peloponnese hosts an unforgettable sight, built on an amazing stiff rock, as if "thrown" in the sea.

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Sailing Tips: All islands are located near to each other (2 hours max.) and are close to the shore, making sailing easier and, in the case that the winds grow stronger, it is always possible to find a shelter within little time. However, due to limited number of berthing spots, if you seek a spot in a small port, it is better to visit the port early in the afternoon.  When sailing, always expect a wind change of direction, especially when sailing near the islands; the formation of the land affects strongly the wind direction, which is so evident, and exciting, in the Saronic Gulf.

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