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Sailing yachts have come a long way from being a trasportation mean. During the past few decades, sailing yachts are considered a profitable investment tool in the tourism industry. A commercial sailing yacht’s purpose is chartering efficiency: Our goal in Sail in Greek Waters is to combine the increase of chartering days with the maintenance of the value of the yachts in an sustainable way, that will ultimately return the investment and earn profits. 

Trusting us with your investment is something that we, in Sail in Greek Waters, do not take lightly. We will help you find and purchase a commercial sailing yacht, according to the market‘s trends and demands. We will charter your yachts to our trusted world-wide network of clients and partners, while we will do our best to keep your vessels busy throughout the season. We will maintain your yachts before the season begins and keep them in tip top shape during the working months. Doing so, will not only keep our charter clients happy, but we will also maintain the resale value of your yachts. You can read more about our services in detail below.


Our Yacht Management Services include:

Chartering during the tourist season

One of our main functions is to ensure your yacht is booked throughout the summer season and maximize your Return On Investment(ROI). Other functions of our sales department include:


  • Projection of the competitive advantages of our company: wide range of yachts throughout Greece, experienced skippers, technical support network on all our bases and on many islands.
  • Competitive charter pricing: we keep an eye on the market throughout the year , and we adjust our charter prices accordingly, to achieve the best possible outcome for each yacht.
  • Intense promotion of the company through the internet, social media etc.
  • Establishment of long term trust relationship with tourist agencies from around the world. (EU, USA, Australia, and more)
  • Maintaining the increasing number of repeaters and referals. 
  • Steady increase of charter sales every year. 


Base Services and technical support during the tourist season

Our base teams handle the check-ins and check-outs, cleaning, water/fuel fill-ups, diver hull inspections and other technical inspections, in order for the yacht to be ready for the next charter. Customer support services, such as supplies delivery, wifi, water toys and destination information, are available upon the arrival of the guests. Our technical department is always ready to handle unexpected technical issues and repairs, on our base or on the islands. Contact us for more information regarding our base services.

Standard berthing spot in the marina and the dry dock

All of our yachts get a berth spot in our base in Athens(Lavrion), Lefkas, Volos or Rhodes. The spot are reserved for 12 months, a marina spot during the working season and a dry dock spot in winter, where maintenance and repairs take place.

Winter maintenance Services: Full technical investigation and works on dry dock

Keeping your yacht in impeccable shape is crucial for maintaining its value. Therefore, after the tourist season ends, your yacht will be transferred to the dry dock for a full technical investigation and maintenance by our technical team. We can also offer equipment upgrades such as solar panels and racing equipment, in privileged prices, upon your request. Basic winter maintenance includes amongst other:

  • service of all engine parts, electric equipment, hydraulic parts
  • detailed cleaning of guest area, deck, sailing equipment, mechanical parts
  • protection of underwater hulls (coating, etc.)
  • protection and repair of sails, rigging, winches, rollers

Unlimited usage of the yacht by the owner 

Your yacht is still yours to use anytime you wish to go on a sailing vacation. You just need to inform us in time to prepare your yacht. We can transfer your vessel to any location you wish to begin your vacation. Depending on your needs we will make a plan for you to enjoy your yacht.

Bureaucracy management: safety requirements, insurance, tax

We make sure your yacht is up to date regarding paperwork, which will ensure a smooth working season.

Yacht sales and brokerage, for professional and private yachts 

Contact us for more.
Persons: 6
Cabins: 1
Year Built: 2008
Marina/port: Alimos (Kalamaki)
Price: EUR 80.000,00 Yacht Info Main ...
Persons max: 6 Cabins: 1 Year Built: 2008
Marina/port: Alimos (Kalamaki)
Price: EUR 80.000,00 ...
Persons max: 6
Cabins: 3
Year Built: 2012
Marina/port: Alimos (Kalamaki)
Price: 65.000,00 EUR Yacht Info Main ...
Persons max: 6 Cabins: 3 Year Built: 2012
Marina/port: Alimos (Kalamaki)
Price: 65.000,00 EUR ...
Persons max: 8
Cabins: 3
Year Built: 2009
Marina/port: Lavrion
Price: EUR 70.000,00 Yacht Info Main ...
Persons max: 8 Cabins: 3 Year Built: 2009
Marina/port: Lavrion
Price: EUR 70.000,00 ...

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