Sailing boats for sale
Yachts for sale in Greece
Purchase a sailing boat in Greece!
Yachts are offered at very competitive prices and have been maintained in highest quality by their owners or technical teams.
Furthermore we provide full year services for the yacht you purchased, so you can enjoy sailing care free, leaving the yacht's maintenance to us.
We give utmost importance to yacht maintenance, because it defines yacht condition and performance. We acknowledge that yacht condition is the number one factor for care free sailing holidays. Furthermore, high yacht quality is a primary condition for yachts to fit in our fleet.

As a result, we have composed a dedicated technical team that can complete an integrated maintenance service package, including the following:
  • service of all engine parts, electric equipment, hydraulic parts
  • detailed cleaning of guest area, deck, sailing equipment, mechanical parts
  • protection of underwater hulls (coating, etc.)
  • protection and repair of sails, rigging, winches, rollers
All in all, you can enjoy your own sailing yacht in Greek waters trouble free and the team of 'Sail in Greek Waters' will take care of your yacht during winter months.
In addition to maintenance services, we can offer the following, upon your request:
  • equipment upgrade
  • solar panels and wind generators
  • add racing equipment
  • special discounts on delivering the yacht in selected destinations (e.g. Rhodes, Corfu) so you enjoy your holidays in different sailing areas
Get financing for your sailboat! We design financing plans with prospect owners where they pre-pay 30-40% of yacht's value only.
The remaining amount is collected by yacht charters within 4-5 years.
We have the capacity to finance your purchase of a sailing yacht. Buyer may choose to pay only 40% of yacht price; the remaining amount is collected from charters which are managed by 'Sail in Greek Waters' in a period, usually of five years. After the repayment is completed, the owner takes full ownership of the yacht.
Buyer is entitled to utilize the yacht (free of charge) for two weeks per year - favorable arrangements are also agreed.
Our company ensures professional yacht maintenance and related services. Contact us to discuss your own needs.

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