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Insurance packages are options offered to guests of sailing yachts chartered by Sail in Greek Waters. We present insurance packages offered by one of the top marine insurers, Pantaenius. These packages are offered on top of private insurances as well as on top of yacht insurance. Private insurances usually cover accidents and health related costs and yacht insurances cover damages caused to the yacht by skipper or crew, above a specific amount, the deposit which is withheld before charter, from skipper or crew.

On the other hand, skipper liability insurance covers damages resulting from the use of a chartered yacht and dinghies by the skipper and crew. Examples: Damages to other vessels and berth and port facilities, or damage caused as a result of gross negligence by the chartered yacht. Usually however these cases are covered by the insurance of the chartered yacht, so the extra insurance package won't be needed.

However, private insurance policies do not cover claims by one crew member against another which might incur high claims, in case of personal injuries. In any case, it depends on the type of private insurance whether it covers damages resulting from the use of yachts. The elements covered by insurance packages of Pantaenius are:

- SKIPPER LIABILITY INSURANCE: It provides benefit up to the amount of the contractually agreed insured sums in the event of justified third party claims. Such benefit provides compensation in cases where persons are injured or killed, property is damaged, destroyed or becomes lost or fi nancial losses occur as a result of the use of the chartered boat

- TRIP CANCELLATION AND CURTAILMENT COSTS INSURANCE: In the event that the skipper cancels or in the event that one or several crew members cancel the contractually owed cancellation costs for the charter and also for the outward and return journeys are reimbursed.

- BOND INSURANCE: This insurance refunds you the bond deposited by you if the charterer withholds such bond following an event of loss.

- TRAVEL ABROAD HEALTH INSURANCE: indemnity for necessary medical expenses incurred during the period of the charter abroad in respect of acute illness, severe accidents and other events named in the contract.

- PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE: Accident insurance provides financial security for the insured persons during the charter journey up to the agreed amount in the event of disablement or death as the result of an accident. Your policy schedule and your application specify which types of insurance you have selected for your charter journey.

Find in the table below the packages offered by Pantaenius:

Choose the insurance package that meets your safety requirements (all amounts in EURO)

Cover Package
Basic Silver Gold Premium
Package Price 160 260 360 490
Skipper Liability Insurance
 - Insured sum for personal injury and/or property damage 3.000.000 3.000.000 3.000.000 3.000.000
 - Financial losses 250.000 250.000 250.000 250.000
Trip Cancellation and Curtailment Costs Insurance
 - Max. total compensation 10.000 10.000 15.000 25.000
Bond Insurance -
 - Deposit Up to - 1.500 3.000 5.000
Travel upbroad health insurance - -
Personal Accident Insurance - -

The above charter insurance packages are available for online purchase, please visit Pantaenius charter insurance page for more details.

Scope of cover:

- Legal liability of the skipper and crew arising from the use of the chartered boat;

- Claims by an insured person against any other insured person(s) (skipper and crew) for personal injury;

- In the event of temporary seizure in a foreign harbor the provision of a security deposit to a maximum of EUR 50,000.00;

- Liability claims by the charter operator or owner for loss of proven charter revenue of affected follow-on charters as a result of damage caused by the insured person, up to a maximum amount of EUR 20,000.00

- Reasonable hotel and transport costs, substantiated by receipts, to the port of re-delivery / transfer to a maximum of EUR 1,000, in the event that the chartered yacht is damaged by the policyholder or the crew

- Persons whose permanent residence is in the European Union, Switzerland,Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland can be insured.

Which cases are not covered by the insurance scheme:

 - If the insured event is caused by the gross negligence of the Insured, then the Insurer is entitled to reduce its benefit proportionately to the severity of the negligence;

- Intentional damage;

- Claim due to a prior illness (or known pregnancy) known at the time of concluding this insurance contract;

- Cancellation or curtailment due to any circumstance which the Insured intentionally causes or cancellation caused by political events (e.g. war / terrorist activities). If the insured event is caused by the gross negligence of the Insured, then the Insurer is entitled to reduce its benefit proportionately to the severity of the negligence;

If you want to proceed to insurance coverage, you may contact directly Pantaenius, or you may contact us to assist you with next steps (fill in a simple application form and send it to the insurer).


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