Why charter a yacht with Sail in Greek Waters


Our company has important advantages, stemming from its people, its structure and our operations.


1. Our Yachts

Sail in Greek Waters is a sailing yacht chartering company, representing a limited number of yacht owners in all sailing areas in Greece. We focus on yacht quality which we consider the most important factor for pleasant and carefree sailing holidays.

It is officially licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation with license number 0208E63000568600 and is a member of Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association (H.Y.B.A)

Technical maintenance is performed strictly by the owners of the yachts and their technical teams. This gives full responsibility for and keeps high standards of the quality of each yacht. Our company monitors the work done on each yacht and confirms the flawless operation of all her parts.

Due to the success of this model, we are proud to offer not only Brand New yachts, but also our special category of Best-Value yachts, including older yachts at top quality (and low chartering cost). Please see all our Special Categories in the Yachts section of our website.


2. Our reach

We represent yachts in all main sailing areas in Greece, so with us you can sail all around the Greek Waters. You only have to select your favorite sailing destination and we will propose a short list of yachts, according to your budget, number of people in your group and other personal preferences (e.g. catamaran or monohull). See the yachts according to their location:

In each marina, you will be welcomed by the crew of Sail in Greek Waters and the owner of the yacht, who will introduce you with the yacht and make sure you to start the cruise fast and smoothly (e.g. transport / provisions, sailing hints, etc.).

Due to our wide network of owners, we have developed also a concrete network of technical experts in all sailing areas. Should you need technical assistance on any of the islands, a qualified representative of ours will be with you within 24 hours. In the unlikely case of yacht failure for longer than 24 hours you are entitled to a refund that equals the value of the lost days of your charter. We will be next to you at any difficulty that might arise.


3. Our mentality

Our passion for sailing is one of the driving forces of this company. We are sailors and our professional network includes skippers, race and sail instructors. We perform sailing lessons and special cruises for novice sailors, wishing to transfer our appreciation and knowledge for sailing as well as our beautiful country. Read about sailing races in Greece and contact us if you want to join a race in the Greek Waters.

Our personalized services include all the advice we can give you when preparing for your cruise. Suggested routes, secluded coves, places to visit on each island.

We provide personalized services, according to the special preferences of each of our guests. Find out more:


4. Our footprint on the islands

During your sailing cruise we give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Greek nature and culture. Local experts help you experience unique activities such as diving, hiking or even cooking lessons.

See the special cruises Beyond Sailing.

Sail with us! We remain small to control best what we do, we reach far thanks to our team.


Sail in Greek Waters

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